Heartbeat of First

First Baptist Church McKinney has been, is, and will be a missional church. We are a missional church because we worship a God who is on a mission to draw lost people into a relationship with Himself. Our actions as a church must reflect the One who we adore.

First McKinney reflects God’s missional heart by going. Just over the last three years close to 800 people have been on short-term trips to over 15 countries and locations across the United States. These trips were not “missional tourism” but were in partnership with long term mission outposts seeking to minister to the local needs and to foster response and growth to the Gospel. We have seen 10 families, couples, and singles raised up to GO from our very pews. Not only do we support these but also have adopted and invested in another 5 families who are serving long term. These are not the easy places and some are in extremely dangerous places.

First’s missional heart is also expressed locally. God has allowed us to have a dynamic partnership locally with 3e, Samaritan Inn, our adopted school – Finch Elementary, and Hope Women’s Center just to name some that our church is “officially involved in.” The list grows when we consider the ministries like Crosseyed Skates and Seniors Helping Seniors independently led by members of First. Members are investing their lives and resources so that the love of Christ can be experienced through word and deed.

First McKinney also reflects God’s missional heart by giving. Over the last three years alone First McKinney has given 2.8 million dollars to missions through our budget and TYW Target offering. Baptist Missional causes have received close to 1/3 of these funds for the planting of churches in the US and abroad, to reach those in Muslim context, and to fuel the future growth of the church. Your gifts have been used to provide oxygen for the sick (Uganda), a place of care for the neglected (Lifesong and 25 Project), and love and care for the broken (Sierra Leone). Your sacrificial gifts have been used to share the sacrifice of Christ in McKinney and around the world.

When most churches are closing their doors, First McKinney is continuing to leave the doors to mirror God’s love for the world. God has modeled what it means to give and go we can’t help but follow His example.

Published by: John Shapiro

I am someone in process. That has many sides. I am defined by Christ, being a husband, father, and a minister. I enjoy Auburn football, music, culture, church stuff, reading, TED talks, and the internet.

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