Are We Willing?

A couple years ago, when I was serving at Asbury United Methodist Church, the United Methodist Church ran a “Rethink Church” campaign. I don’t know how much rethinking of the church the UMC actually did (can some of you speak to that?) but that’s really what we all need to be doing. Whether we’re coming at it from an emerging church perspective, missional perspective, mainline perspective…we all need to be rethinking church: how we worship, how we run committee meetings, how we do mission work, how we offer pastoral care, how we think about leadership…there is so much we need to rethink.

The question is: are we willing to do so? Are we willing to put aside our own opinions and preferences for something greater? For being able to open the circle wider to allow even more participation by folks not currently a part of our communities? Are we willing to be more concerned about worship being something connects with younger people than whether or not we get to hear our favorite hymns on an organ that Sunday? I don’t know the answers – but if the church truly does think young people should be more committed to the church, we certainly need to be able to ask the questions and have the conversation.

“Young People Should Be More Committed to the Church” from

One thought on “Are We Willing?”

  1. I think one of the reasons that so many of our churches struggle with “re-thinking” church is that they have so much invested in their systems and cultures. Over time, innovative, intrepid leadership gives way to congregational management which (over time) gives way to a stagnant protectionism as we work harder to preserve and justify “our way” of ministry.

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