Communication Revolution by Terry Storch

Terry Storch gave a talk at MinistryCOM 2007 entitled “Communication Revolution.” In this talk he highlights how our culture is slamming into the traditional ideas of the way churches operate. He list the top five impact points as:

1) One Way Communication vs. Participatory Conversation – No longer is the expectation that you will tell me what I need to know. I want to be part of discovering what I need to know.

2) Service Times vs. On-Demand Content – Our world will not wait for us. They want the content when they want it. We need to provide access so that can interact with content at point-of-need.

3) Walls vs. People – We have tended to think about church inside the building. We need to move the practice of church out into the community.

4) Going to Communities vs.Being in Communities – The way we think about missions and outreach needs change. We need to change from going to communities to becoming involved in the communities we want to reach with the Gospel.

5) Asking People to Just Invite One vs. The Power of One Inviting Everyone – Addition through just bringing one friend is not overcoming the attrition churches are experiencing. We live in age when one person can invite so many more to experience Christ. We need to find and equip those people.

3 thoughts on “Communication Revolution by Terry Storch”

  1. So true in each aspect! I struggle with the knowledge of this information and then taking action to be involved! So many folks church goers want the church to come to them. Not the reverse.

    Is this because we have made church out to be about the staff and pastor instead of the ministry? How are you going to help me? Not how can I help you?

    1. I think these things are true because of practices that have become institutionalized over time. The practices started because they were to some degree helpful. Then as culture changed they gradually became less effective. Add to that institutional sin and self preservation and you have the recipe for what we have today.

      I wonder what “reformation” will come next. The printing press mightily changed the way Christians understand and practice their faith and their faith communities. I feel we are I a similar position today with technology and the internet.

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