Family Mission Trip 2011 Day 3

What a great day! Great team! Great God!

Here are some text from people on what impacted them:

Loved all the ladies and little girls jumping in to touch ladies, hold their hands, look into their eyes and hear their stories.

Loved God’s timing in bringing a grieving sister to be loved, an overwhelmed mom to be served and her kids be ministered to, a recovering addict to be encouraged, loved, and heard…all not members at that church.

At the beginning of this trip i felt like i would b able to do just as much good in my home town than driving 6 hrs and doing whatever is port arthur. I to a room with 2 other people. Somewhere in between the heat and the mosquitos i realized that port arthur needs a mission trip. Driving around and looking at the living conditions and everything really opened my eyes to how blessed i was to like in fairview and have everything that i have.

I was very encouraged that I was able to introduce my heavenly father , but the most important thing was that I was able to be an earthly father figure to the children. I was blessed and fortunate God used me in this capacity.

Allowing God to get me out of my comfort zone and minister to his people thru music when I am definitely not a music person.

I was humbled by the reminder of how blessed we are materially with our nice homes. I hope each of us will have the image of people living in their cars permanently burned in our memories. God loves each of them just as much as he loves us.

Seeing the children smile and the children participates!

Loved serving as a family and putting Jesus first. Reminds us of our true purpose. What a joy!

Seeing the sacrifice that Brent and Savanah live daily. This is their life!

It gave our children a chance to serve.

It was a great chance to get my family involved in giving back.

Loved watching the body of Christ use their gifts.

How many people enjoyed and were impacted at the block party.

Published by: John Shapiro

I am someone in process. That has many sides. I am defined by Christ, being a husband, father, and a minister. I enjoy Auburn football, music, culture, church stuff, reading, TED talks, and the internet.

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