>The Church Awakening


If you have followed Swindoll’s life and writing you will find this to be a book close to his heart. In The Church Awakening, Swindoll’s passion for the Word of God comes through on every page. He begins by arguing that the church needs to rediscover it’s essentials: teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer. He then argues that the Word of God and it’s exposition has lost it’s place in most church gatherings. This has lead to an erosion and loss of the church’s effectiveness.

Swindoll shares the struggles he has had in his ministry and life. He also shares from his experience at Stoenbriar Community Church. He is always a wealth of illustrations and stories. I am thankful for his challenge Swindoll brings for the church.

Swindoll has always been committed to teaching the Bible. I agree Biblical exposition is crucial to the gathering. But I also think the church’s full practice must be defined and held accountable to the same exposition. It is not just enough for the Bible to rightfully be taught but the church must be the full manifestation of what is there. Not that any church is perfect, that is why all the letters to the churches are in the Bible. But I know that one reason that churches are not awake is because of a unwillingness to apply what they already know.

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