>A Review of Family Driven Faith

>Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs I can imagine. There are challenges from your children, the world around us, and even our own personal baggage. This is true for all parents but for parents who value faith and their spiritual perspective the challenge takes on added dimensions.

Baucham, in Family Driven Faith, seeks to help parents who desire to foster their children’s faith and life direction. Throughout the book, he lays out an argument for the primary discipleship to take place in the home. He then builds on the argument that in order for the worldview to be solidified in the life of the child then all education (religious and non-religious) must mirror the home as the primary arena of discipleship. This belief has been personally practiced by Baucham and his family often at great personal cost.

I had some challenges with how Baucham’s belief leads to practice. Not because I disagree with the premise that discipleship should take place in the home, but on the connection to lifestyle choices. I believe God calls families to raise children in many different ways from family to family, from culture to culture. I do think that God has also given some universal principles to help us raise children that will be practiced differently from culture to culture, family to family.

Parents need to let their faith find full manifestation inside and outside the home. There are many ways where children do not continue to follow Christ because of their parent’s failure to follow Christ. I believe Buacham is trying to manifest his walk with Christ in the home he leads.

The primary danger I see in Buacham’s method is that it can lead to cultural isolation. This is what we have seen in other faith communities who have followed Baucham’s suggested pattern. Both the Amish and the Mennonites have gone the route of cultural isolation to protect and cultivate worldview. Both have been successful in creating communities that hold to a specific worldview but with minimal impact on the world around them. While the faith formation of our children is not something to be gambled with, I am not sure that the solution being offered will help cultivate faith and fulfillment of the Great Commission.

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