>Bono and the Americian Church Attenders’ Dream

>I was listening to No Line on the Horizon this morning on the way to work. It hit me that for Americans who attend church Bono is the poster boy for what they want in their lives. I don’t mean this as a slam against Bono but against the expectations and dreams of church attenders.

He is successful, rich, cool, and spiritual. It does not appear that the world hates him. He is able to meet with presidents and world leaders. The media applaud him and he has been recognized by his profession as one of the best of all time.

I think God has blessed Bono and I think that he for the most part has tried to be faithful with his blessing. The problem is that we in America think this is God’s plan for all people. For many in American churches, we see Bono as a normative Christian experience rather than a special exception.

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